This blog was made possible in part by funding from Northern Arizona University (NAU), who granted me generous scholarships not only to blog, but to go abroad at all. Many thanks to everyone at this institution that made my study abroad dreams a reality!

I’m currently overseas on an ISEP-Exchange program, and I want to share my experiences as a single, young female traveling the world on her own, to encourage other young women to travel as well, especially to less popular destinations. I have lived in Berlin, Germany, and also worked at a German wellness facility on the Baltic Sea. Now I am on a year-long exchange to the United Arab Emirates. I’m fluent in German, and plan to be able to communicate somewhat in Arabic by the time I go back home.

I’m a junior at NAU majoring in business economics and modern languages, with minors in philosophy and asian studies.

Thanks for visiting my website! If you want to contact me, feel free to message me at cncerra@gmail.com.

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