The Hose

Meet the bathroom hose.
Meet the bathroom hose.

There’s a hose in all of the bathrooms here. It’s attached to the wall next to the toilet, and has a nozzle on it like the one in the shower. You can turn it on and control the water pressure by with the handle, and people use it to clean their private areas after using the restroom. Since we don’t have anything like it back home, here’s a short instructional guide.

Step one, go to the bathroom.

Step two, before using toilet paper, hold the hose a short distance from your private area and spray yourself.

Step three, use toilet paper.

In case you want a video tutorial, scroll down this guy’s blog post (Tales from an Expat), although he uses it without toilet paper. The hose leaves you feeling refreshed, plus you need less toilet paper for the same level of cleanliness. People here actually think it’s gross to use the restroom without the hose. They will even take a glass of water into the bathroom with them if there’s no hose. It’s kind of like switching from dial-up internet to DSL; there’s no going back.